[Interview] Beth Revis Author of Across The Universe

It was a great honor having given a chance to conduct an interview to one of today’s bestselling authors, Beth Revis, the author of Across The Universe! Check out our short Q&A session with her:

What book inspired you to create/write Across the Universe?
I don’t think I could say that it was just one book—but a lifetime of reading certainly influences everything I write. Reading Agatha Christie as a child greatly influenced me to add mystery in my work; Megan Whalen Turner’s THE THIEF influenced me to surprise my readers at the end; so many more books taught me how to make language beautiful. 

The setting took place on Godspeed which was described with superficial space-travel wrapping and indeed amazing technologies. Surely, coming up with the whole structure of the ship requires a whole lot of imagination. So, where is the creativity coming from? Was there something that inspired you about the whole ship structure?

I don’t know! This is a difficult question for me to answer because, honestly, I just had a whole lot of fun coming up with what everything looked like and how it all worked. I can say that the overall shape of the ship was roughly egg-shaped—I think I had a vague idea that an egg shape was symbolic for a generation space ship—and when I had to come up with what the outside of the ship looked like, I used the Planet Express from FUTURAMA.

What are we expecting for the next sequel? Could you do a teaser?

I can only say that at least two things you think are true in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE are proven to be lies in A MILLION SUNS.

If your book was to be a movie, who would you like to play as Elder/Amy?

I think Molly Quinn, the daughter in CASTLE would be a great Amy! Or perhaps Bonnie Wright, Ginny in the Harry Potter movies. As for who would play Elder…no actor comes immediately to mind, but a lot of people like Taylor Lautner, who I think could have the right look.

What made you decide to write a young-adult sci-fi fiction genre of book on your very first novel?
Well, it wasn’t my first novel! It was actually my eleventh. The problem is, the other ten couldn’t be published—they weren’t good enough. But that said, I never really thought about “deciding” to write a YA sci fi…that’s just the story that happened, and I tried to tell it the best way I could.

While writing the book, were you confident enough to expect that Across the Universe will become a big hit?
No. Not at all.

What were your writing strategies? Do you usually do a draft from time to time when a new idea pops up, or you completed the whole idea first to write everything thoroughly?
I am very boring: I can only work on one idea at a time, and I can’t write anything new until I finish the first idea. I don’t outline—I discover the story as I write the first draft, then edit forever to clean it all up and make it a decent story.

When you’re not writing, what do you like to do with your time?

I like to play with my dog, a big black Lab named Sirius, spend time with my husband, and dream up new places to travel to.

Personally, who’s your most favorite character in the book? How about the least favorite?
Probably my favorite character is Harley—although I also quite like Amy and Elder, of course. My least favorite character is Luthe. People think Eldest is the bad guy, but it was never Eldest—always Luthe.

What is the best thing that has happened to you since becoming a published author?

The sense of validation and accomplishment. I love knowing that my dream has come true.

What are your plans after Across the Universe Trilogy?

I can’t say! But I am working on something, and right now I’m falling in love with the idea.

Fast Questions:

Coffee or Tea? Coffee—or perhaps chai tea with espresso, a nice blend of both.

Geeky Guys or Snarky Guys? Geeky guys with snark

Morning Person or Night Person? NIGHT all the way

Bitter or Sweet? Sweet!

Sad Endings or Happily Ever After Endings? Sad with a hint of hope

Shadowhunters or Witches or Faeries or Vampires or Werewolves? Wizards!

Again, million thanks to Ms. Revis for sharing us a bit of her precious time. Make sure to check out her website and if you haven’t read Across The Universe yet, check out this amazing trailer!

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2 responses to “[Interview] Beth Revis Author of Across The Universe

  1. Awesome interview! I loved Across the Universe and can't wait for A Million Suns. A big black dog named Sirius… I would have named my dog that but for the fact that she's a Yorkshire Terrier..and female. I think she might resent me. 🙂

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