[Review] Across The Universe by Beth Revis

Extraordinary story of murder, lies, mystery and secrets! Usually, I tend to be hesitant on picking up a sci-fi book, because seriously, too much elaboration and complexity on science explanations gives me a serious headache. But with this book, I am so glad I read it.

The book started with a very powerful first chapter, Amy being in the midst of being frozen with her parents who will technically wake up after 300 years while the massive spaceship Godspeed travels to a new expectedly habitable planet, Centauri-Earth. Yet, she almost died after being woken up early by being “unplugged”, 50 years before the designated time of landing. After reading the first chapter, I was totally glued. It usually requires thinking and imagination on some complicated sci-fi books, but imagining the scenes on this book, it wasn’t so bad. It was actually, easy. Unproblematic. Well-stated. The there’s Elder, the future leader of the ship who will soon carry a huge amount of responsibility, about maintaining peace, protecting its people and ensuring that they will all land on Centauri-Earth, and preventing discords that was the Sol-Earth’s mistake. When I first learned that all the people are so much alike in almost everything, and how the people reacted when they saw Amy who was sooo different, I’m like, “what the heck?!”, with all the abnormalities in the ship. But as the story goes on, you will slowly and carefully unlock all the unbelievable secrets of the ship, and you will find yourself really wanting more.

And, it is indeed claustrophobic. Seriously, I can’t imagine myself being confined in the metal walls of massive spaceship, pretending that you’re living your life like you usually does, with all the false rains, fake sunlight and all. Who wouldn’t miss the endless sky? Who wouldn’t want to run as far as you can, on a place where you know it won’t end? Being in that futuristic spaceship, where there are all possibilities with all the technology, it’s just so fascinating, but it’s not the answer and prevention to all. The ship carries to much lies to deal with, something that will keep you intrigued all throughout.

Revis fantastically crafted all the characters, plot is brilliant and the whole story is fast-paced. I’m head over heels for her now! Across The Universe will detach you from the rest of the world, and all the twists and unexpected event will catch you by surprise. So to end this, two words — FREXING AMAZING!


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