[A Week Long Guest Post] Fantasy Book Genre by Kris Summers

Welcome to the Third Day of A Week Long Guest Post!

We have here Kris Summers of Imaginary Reads talking about Fantasy Book Genre.
The floor is yours!

Hi, everyone! I’m Kris from Imaginary Reads. We were asked to talk about book genres that we love. To tell the truth, when asked what genre I liked, paranormal and dystopian reads were the first to come to mind. However, after thinking a little, I realized that my love for these two genres stems from my first genre love: Fantasy.
I’ve been reading fantasy books ever since I was old enough to choose books off the library shelves. From dragons to faeries to humanoid races, I’d read anything that took place in a different world. I even imagined my stuffed animals into a magical animal kingdom rather than play with the Barbies and plastic dolls that my relatives wouldn’t stop giving me.
There’s a saying that we all want what we can’t have. Well, I’ve always yearned for magic and adventure. As it isn’t possible to run into a powerful wizard like Howl and take off on a magical adventure, travel between worlds, or walk into Narnia by crawling into your wardrobe, I’ve settled for imagining myself into the different worlds that authors create.
What I love most about the fantasy genre is that it allows for so much author creativity in world building. You never know what to expect next because there is no set guideline. Unlike paranormal and dystopian authors, fantasy authors don’t need to consider our world when writing (unless they’re researching for their worlds). Paranormal authors must set limits for their characters and consider how humans would react to certain powers and situations; dystopian authors need to think about how the world could end up as it is in their works.
For fantasy authors, they can create whole new worlds with their own culture, politics, geography, etc. They can envision new creatures and create territories for them. They can take you to another dimension. In short, the possibilities are limitless.
My favorite fantasy authors and books:

Tamora Pierce: After picking up a copy of Alanna: The First Adventure in the public library, I fell in love with her writing. Her books are very clean reads and centered on strong female leads (with the exception of Briar from the Circle books—he’s a guy).

Brian Jacques: This guy is a genius. I freaking LOVE the Redwall books. Martin the Warrior is one of my literary crushes. Don’t laugh because he’s a mouse. He’s hot and utterly adorable. You know it.

Philip Pullman: I love His Dark Materials trilogy, especially the talking animals. Do you know how many times I’ve wished that I can talk to animals? There’s not a lot of romance, especially in the first two books, but the little romance that you see is so sweet and cute!

Diana Wynne Jones: I fell in love with Sophie and Howl after watching Miyazaki Hayao’s film adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle. Imagine my excitement when I found a copy of the book at my public library! The best part is that the movie and book are so different. I love each of them in their own special ways.

C.S. Lewis: How could I leave out Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia? I had to beg my parents to let my grandparents buy me a boxed set of the books out of a Scholastic book order when I was a little girl. I still own the books to this day, albeit a little worn out but very readable.
Christopher Paolini: Eragon is a must-read!! A MUST READ!!! I am so excited that Inheritance is finally coming out. If you haven’t read a series, now is a good time to start because the fourth book is hitting stores this coming November. I myself must reread this series as I’ve forgotten many important details.

Other great readsThe Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Stardust by Neil Gaiman….

What can you say about Fantasy books? are you a fan of this genre?
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