[A Week Long Guest Post] Mystery Book Genre by Louisse Ang

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We have here Louisse Ang of The Soul Sisters is talking about Mystery Book Genre.
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The Mysterious Life of Mystery Books

Mystery books. What comes into our minds when we hear those two words? Perhaps, thriller? murder? or sometimes maybe even horror. Mystery books are exactly like that. They make you feel mixed emotions almost all at the same time. Scared, confused, thrilled. Mystery books pull you into an alternate universe you create within your mind and run free while you read through the pages. A good mystery book will keep you turning the pages again and again, never letting you stop. Then, when you finally manage to tear yourself away, you lay awake, you suddenly have nagging thoughts that run like animals let out a cage. 

You constantly wonder what will happen after you put it down. “Will they be finally able to solve the reason why people have gone missing?” or maybe “What does the strange inscriptions on the bodies mean?” Such books never let you get away with forgetting it. It brandishes it’s story on your brain, where you’ll never forget it. Mystery books are like that. 

Once you start reading one, more importantly a good one, you’ll never escape it’s pages. In my opinion, Mystery books are the hardest to write. You’d have to have a good, solid, uncliche plot that really will baffle readers. Then, you have to write the body, the personality of the books without revealing too much too soon. you’d have to control your word choices or else, the readers’ll immediately know what’s going on. And because of this, I admire mystery authors that write books that are appealing to all kinds of book readers. Books, in general are works of art. all under one classification yet branches out vastly, and mystery books are, I believe, in the high, well respected, one of the first to come out branch of the book tree. Let us all remove all prejudiced thoughts on mystery books. Let’s not be too close minded. Give the mystery section of the bookstore a fighting chance to prove itself worthy of your admiration. Who knows? Your favorite book just might fall into the mystery section!

Written by Ge but Pushed by Louisse

Some Mystery Books we would like to recommend:

What can you say about Mystery books? are you a fan of this genre?
A big THANKS to Louisse for participating on this feature *waves*

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One response to “[A Week Long Guest Post] Mystery Book Genre by Louisse Ang

  1. Oh, I love Sidney Sheldon's If Tomorrow Comes! Excellent book. I'm not a huge mystery genre fan–I usually enjoy mysteries within other genres, like paranormal or dystopian–but I do appreciate the work that must go into writing them. And when I'm in the mood to read one, nothing else will do! 😀

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