[A Week Long Guest Post] Bad Boys vs. Good Boys

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Ok Hiba the floor is yours!

Bad Boys vs. Good Boys
Hiba Abdelqader of Wovenstrands

We all deny it, but who doesn’t love a bad boy? Us females are so complex. We say we love the good boys and they are perfect for us, but when it comes down to it, we –almost– always fall, face firs, for the bad boys.
What makes a bad boy so attractive? We as women are passionate, and we’re blessed with big hearts to help heal the broken, so we know bad boys are rebellious for a reason. They have a history, and we look past the behavior and look straight at the pain behind their actions.
Tessa (from the Infernal Devises by Cassandra Clare) falls for Will the broken, rude, and outspoken boy. While the sweet and loving Jem is left behind dying with a lonely heart. Even though we know so little about Will’s past from Clockwork Angel. You would think Tessa would be vulnerable towards Jem, but Will is a mystery; he is a puzzle for her to solve.

Laurel (from the Wings series by Aprilynne Pike) is dating David. A strong confident boy any girl would love to be with. But when Tamani comes into the picture, she just can’t seem to keep her hands off of him. But when it comes down to choosing between David, the high school boy and Tamani, Avalon’s warrior who can’t cross his boundaries with Laurel since she is an upper-class fall fairy, we all know she will eventually be with Tamani, even though she chooses David now.

Other rare occasions where the good boy is chosen over the bad boy, is in the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer (you could disagree with me if you like). Bella chooses Edward, the confident and considerate boy/man over Jacob, the wild and emotional one. We all know she loved them both, who wouldn’t, but why choose Edward over Jacob? (Don’t get me wrong I love Edward and Jacob equally) Well, Edward has a little of a bad boy in him too, don’t you think? Basically, he’s the full package, the perfect combination of good and bad in one –Kudos to you Bella ;).
Boys in general, good or bad, we love them all, especially if they are in a YA Novel. For my younger ladies, don’t loose hope; they do exist past the boundaries of the books we love so much.
WovenStrands, 2011Ó

What can you say about these boys? Do you like Bad Boys or Good Boys? Who’s your favorite Bad ass boy or Good boy? We would love to hear from you!

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2 responses to “[A Week Long Guest Post] Bad Boys vs. Good Boys

  1. I agree there is something about the bad boy that makes us fall for them in books. It must be the cocky, confident attitude that can be annoying but is still so sexy.

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