[Blog Tour] Illicit Magic Tour by Camilla Chafer

Book Excerpt

As I took my place next to her, the window behind me shattered. Glass exploded in every direction as a missile drove its way through and sailed through the space I’d just occupied, missing Robert by mere inches. The missile lodged itself in a fizzing mess in the wall. Like an idiot I waited for the explosion but it didn’t come. Instead, something viscous, thicker than air but not as heavy as smoke, slithered from the bomb and all hell broke loose as those who had been caught by the glass cried out in pain and shock. Some of the gathering had fallen to the floor bleeding and the uninjured had leapt forward to form a barrier around them as the essence undulated towards them. I could hear a low murmur of chanting rising above the moans.
Marc and Étoile lurched into action, grabbing me and, with their arms entwined across my back, propelled me out of the way and into the lobby. We nearly collided with two suited men, our drivers from earlier, as they ran into the room. Voices rang after us, cries of astonishment and anger.
I head a man’s voice say angrily, “We can’t retaliate with our magic until the shields are removed,” but his words were met with angry disproval then the steady of hum of voices in chorus, each chanting in words I didn’t recognise.
I cowered in Étoile’s arms as she hugged me tight, one hand stroking my back in a curiously comforting way as I felt the panic dissipate. “They’re spell casting,” she whispered, her voice tickling my cheek, as she explained, “some are reinforcing our protection. Some are trying to find the culprit. Mostly, they are keeping the magic from that bomb at bay.”
Marc stood in front of us, his face etched with fury, his fists balled as smoke curled out of the room but he didn’t make a move forward.
“What the hell was that?” I whispered, not sure if I should raise my voice.
“That, dear Stella, was very nearly your head,” said Étoile, in an equally horrified voice. It was the first time I’d heard her shaken.

Author bio
Hi, I’m Camilla and I’m the author of Illicit Magic and Unruly Magic, the first two books in the Stella Mayweather Paranormal Series. The series starts with a lonely young woman, Stella, who has been caught up in a terrifying witch hunt and is whisked thousands of miles away to what she thinks is safety to learn her craft. The series is a blend of magic, mystery and romance with a splash of humour – and while the girls really do go all out to save themselves, there’s always a hunky guy or two on hand to help them out.

I live in London, UK but I try to travel as often as I can – lately I’ve been to Paris, all over Denmark, Luxembourg, and several US states. In my day job I’m a journalist and editor so I write for magazines, newspapers and websites throughout the world (my favourite assignment was spending a week riding rollercoasters – if you listen carefully you can probably still hear me screaming).

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