[Thoughts & Rants] Unauthorized Biography of J.K Rowling


Ok, so today I was at my normal rounds of blog hoping when I stumbled upon the tumblr page of Beth Revis (which I believe is a total Potter fan). I then saw a post saying that she watched the Unauthorized Biography of J.K Rowling and the inner Potter in me kicked in! I’m a self professed Potter fan since high school I’ve been reading the books and until now haven’t got a time to finish the series. But yeah and so I searched Youtube if there’s a video then I watched it. Then I got myself crying while watching it, I say if you haven’t watched you’ll know what I have to say. “WATCH IT NOW!” 

*In this TV Movie you’ll see the life of Joan Rowling, as child she was just a normal kid except her mind isn’t. She has a mother who is very sweet, a father who understands her and a sister who is always there for her no matter what. As a child she loves to read, which I believe is where she got her imagination. As a teenager she was wild she did crazy stuff with his best friend which she called a “Weasley”. Would you believe that she got declined from Oxford? But that didn’t stop her from dreaming big, she finishes her studies. On her way to a job interview she then came up with the idea of Harry Potter through her dream and started drafting/writing it. She landed on a decent writing company. But her boss feels the same way as she did, so he talked to her and said: 

“Your heart is in the right place, but you should be doing what makes you happy” 

And so she gave up her job as a writer, and then found a job at Portugal as an English teacher. Rough times come through her mother died because of sclerosis. She then met her husband and had a baby with him. But again life isn’t really perfect for Joan and her husband *forgot the name* due to unemployment he started drinking all day. She had it with him so she left Portugal and got back to Chepstow her birth place. With only the state funding her for a living and being unemployed she started to write Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone with the push of her sister. It was magical! She wrote it while nursing her daughter. After she finished it her next goal is to get published so she started sending out her draft to agents, it was hard being an unknown author she got declined most of the time which is most likely to be because she’s just new. On her journey to get her books published she found another teaching job which compensates for their daily living. She found an agency in the name of Christopher. In no time found her a publishing company which is Bloomsbury. And you probably know what happened next…* 

It’s my first time seeing a TV Movie Biography and to start I didn’t expect it to be like this, going through the life of Joan is a big experience for me as a fan, I love Harry Potter and getting a chance to know what the writer experienced while writing it makes me relate. Watching this Biography has relived my Potter blood! I love Harry Potter and I can always say that I love the author who made it possible for creating such an EPIC book. For aspiring writers I recommend to watch this biography and make it an experience of your own. One great lesson for me while watching this Biography is to never give up! If you love writing then write, who knows where it might land you 🙂
Also if your a Potter fan you’ll find this Biography full of facts about Harry Potter so you might want to check it out.

*This is based only on the Biography that I watched, it may vary from the real Biography*


3 responses to “[Thoughts & Rants] Unauthorized Biography of J.K Rowling

  1. Biographies are little treasures that have to be found. Yuri Mintskovsky was the one that opened my eyes and made me realize that is very important to have some good biographies in my library. Now half of it is full of good biographies that helped me be a better person.

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