[Review] Variant by Robison Wells

by Robison Wells

Publication Date: October 4th 2011
Publisher: HarperTeen
Format: Hardcover, 356 pages

Self Blurb:

The scholarship at MaxfieldAcademy was a great opportunity for Benson. He thought it would be his way outof his screwed up life.

But that was all wrong.

Now he’s trapped with allthe students in this psychotic school, he doesn’t know who to trust. All heknows is that he must get out of this prison of a school.Could he go out withoutbeing seen? Could he go out without killing himself in the process? What if hefinds a girl, a girl he cares for? Would he still want to go out? A thrilling debut by RobisonWells, I tell you not dare to miss it!

I can’t explainhow I love this book! It was all kinds of AWESOMENESS! I was at awe with every chapter, a stunning ending that will leave you breathless!

The story revolves aroundBenson Fisher, a new student from Maxfield Academy. The moment he entered theacademy he feels something strange, and that strange feeling is going to be aroller coaster of an emotion for Benson. The moment I read this book to behonest I was not really sucked into it, I was very much intrigued by thewriting and the story itself which made me want to finish this book. Half waythrough reading this book I was always asking myself the questions, what justhappened? I wonder what this is all about. I was puzzled with what this bookhas to offer more and the suddenly it struck me and I kept gasping and gasping.I was at awe with this book. I keep breathing hard with every page turn, I keptasking for more. The story reminds me a little of Divergent, it’s thrilling andvery quizzical. The suspense part got me up all night while reading this, withthe tag line “TRUST NO ONE” you never know who really to trust. It just makesme want to read and read and read. You’ll never know what to expect until youread the ending.
The character building ispretty good as I see it. Benson is one hell of a fighter; he is very enjoyableto read. I admire him for he didn’t stop finding a way just to get out of thisprison of a school. I admire him for he shows he’s vulnerability in falling inlove. It got me caring for him the moment he felt that for once he cared forsomeone which was possible amidst being in a situation like he is in. Thesupporting characters are also well written; they contributed a good part ofthe story.
The cover is pretty, withthe tag line TRUST NO ONE. I think it shows in the cover what to expect whilereading the book. I don’t think I could ever think of a better cover for thisbook.
Overall this book is a MUSTread, for thriller, suspense lover with a whole lot of mystery I totallyrecommend this for you to read! One thing for sure is that you need the nextbook after you finish this one. My questions got bigger; I was at awe for theending was fantastically good. I honestly didn’t read any book for a week afterreading this one. I think Robison Wells made a perfect world out of hischaracters, one world I dare you to dive into. It’s very unique story in a verypopular dystopian genre. One of a kind read. Kudos to Mr. Wells for creatingsuch an amazing book, it’s definitely one of my best read for 2011.

Thank you HarperTeen for providing an eARC on NetGalley


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