Cover Reveal: Girl of Nightmare

“There’s no official release date yet, but I wasn’t waiting! I love just about everything about this, and I hope you do too! It’s from the same team as the first cover. Once again, their talent has boggled me. I’m boggled for the day. I was going to do an actual journal entry now, but you know, eff it. I’m too boggled. My brain is just reds and ghosts and bare feet.”

-Quoted from Kendare’s Livejournal

All I can say is that the cover is amazinggggg! wow it looks stunning as the first book. I still haven’t read Anna Dressed In Blood but omg! like Kandare said I’m boggled! I wish my copy would arrive soon 🙂

Meanwhile here’s the trailer for Anna Dressed In Blood

Buy it here:
Amazon | Barnes & Nobles | Book Depository


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