[Thoughts & Rants] The Hunger Games Official Movie Trailer

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As we all know The Hunger Games is just one of the hottest movie franchise out there and now that the Official Movie Trailer has been released fans all over the world has been all fired up by the amazing movie remake of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. As a fan of the book I must say that I’m so so excited to watch the movie. I love seeing books turned into movies, I think the visual representation of a character from a book and a movie has somehow provided me pleasure of seeing who they think is better to play this character. Later this year the cast of The Hunger Games movie was casted and I’m really impressed on Jennifer Lawrence being Katniss Everdeen. I watched her on X Men First Class and I have high praises for her, I think she has this bad ass side that totally suits to be Katniss. Josh Hutcherson was casted as Peeta Mellark and lets just say I was not really sure if he can pull off the role at first but then I saw the trailer and I guess it proves me wrong. Gale is being played by Liam Hemsworth the brother of Thor himself Chris Hemsworth. Lets be honest here, I was NOT happy when I heard that Gale was being played by Liam Hemsworth, I watched him on The Last Song and errr he doesn’t strike me as Gale. Don’t hate me but I think there is someone better to play Gale rather than Liam but I think theres a reason why he was casted as Gale. Acting wise I don’t think he can pull of this role but I guess the producers saw something in him that represented Gale for them. I’m not questioning the producers here I guess I have a different Gale in mind.

The Hunger Games Movie Poster

Watching the trailer gives me GOOSEBUMPS! I can’t explain the things I’ve felt while watching it, I can scream while watching it over and over again. I think they did justice on the whole production of the movie, kudos to Lionsgate for this movie. Some highlights of the trailer is Katniss volunteering as Tribute, the make over of Cinna, the training, and the opening of the games! Nostalgic times comes rushing in while reading the book comes back to me while watching this trailer. Now can it be 2012 already? Cause I really need to watch this movie! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

If you haven’t read the book you should definitely do before the movie comes out!

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26 responses to “[Thoughts & Rants] The Hunger Games Official Movie Trailer

  1. For me I desperately hope the movies live up to the books. I LOVED the books so much & I'm afraid of being let down. We will see. The trailer looks great, but..marypres(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  2. I'm not won over by Liam Hemsworth either. Which is a bummer since I absolutely adored Gale in the book. *sigh* I guess not everything can be perfect.Other than him I think this movie likes FREAKING AMAZING! Josh is adorable and Jen has totally sold me. Her acting in even this small clip is phenomenal. I can't wait till March. 🙂

  3. I haven't read the novels yet (they are on my wishlist), so I didn't have any preconceived notion about how the actors should look like, but I definitely like the trailer, very atmospheric, can't wait to watch the movie!Thank you very much for the giveaway!!

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