Amazon Bargains #3

Amazon Bargains is a new feature here in We Fancy Books. I’m a big fan of Amazon not just because it has a secure way of delivering items to you, it also has Bargain books that I usually order and put up into a giveaway. So every Monday I decided to share them to all of you. Since this is a Book blog ill post Bargain Books but may or may not include other items on bargain. Most books are less than $10 or more.

Christmas Gift Ideas
by Lauren Kate [Hardcover] only $7.20
Beautiful Creatures
by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl [Hardcover] only $7.20
Review here

Blood Promise
by Richelle Mead [Hardcover] only $6.80

Perfect Chemistry
by Simone Elkeles [Paperback] only $3.78
Note: If you haven’t read the series, I say…  BUY IT NOW!!! 

The Iron Knight
by Julie Kagawa [Paperback] only $9.99
Clockwork Angel
by Cassandra Clare [Paperback + Bonus Content Inside]
only $7.45
 Review here
Half Blood
by Jennifer Armentrout [Paperback] only $8.39

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