New Feature for We Fancy Books

Our new feature for the blog is here!

We at We Fancy Books has been constantly thinking of new features that would give us a chance to reach out to other bloggers/writers to feature their work. So thus we have come up with A Week Long Guest Post!

This is a feature where we give a certain topic for a week for bloggers or writers to answer through a guest post. Topics are book related so any book blogger or writer is open to join us! So if your a book blogger/writer and interested to get featured in this blog we would love to have you as a guest post!

We are open for comments and suggestions or anything to make this feature better.
We are now open for SIGN UPs for Week 2: June 20 – 27th Fill up this FORM
I will send you the topic via email.
For our 1st Week: June 13 – 19th
We are talking about Book Genre! So stay tuned 🙂

4 responses to “New Feature for We Fancy Books

  1. Guys goodluck with this! Sorry I couldn't help much with the genre posts. >_< But anyhoo..if you need suggestions, here's mine: post about something scandalous. Not so scandalous, maybe. A hot topic. An issue. About blogging.

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